I Think I'm A Grown Up Now.

The strangeness that is wife/mommy life while still being as immature as possible.



What do you want this year for your birthday honey?


Benedict Cumberbatch popping out of an epic cake.


Sorry sweetie, I dont think he will be available in the near future, how about a cake with his face on it all dressed up as Khan and such?


and we can marathon Sherlock again..eh?


This is why I love you!

It’s like we are twinsies except I was brown. 

Traumatizing our baby, Gabe did not take well to Santa.


Cuteness !
Made with Paper my husband left this message on my ipad this morning. :) which is awesome because I’ve been  feeling down.

Made with Paper

my husband left this message on my ipad this morning. :) which is awesome because I’ve been feeling down.
My ipad takes pretty decent pictures. Er, lets see .. What has been going on lately. Husband received a pay raise, so woot for that. Its helped us out tremendously. Gabe has 2 teeth now and can now eat more table food which is great for him because he loves rice and avocados. I’ve been working with ice resin and pendants, which has been pretty fun. Even managed to score a few commissions for extra monies. Christmas will be nice this year, we have been blessed in so many ways, the greatest being our little Gabe. I’m happy. :)
Made this cake with my mom, it’s a grooms cake for my husbands friend. It was really fun. I don’t like fondant much because of the taste so I put tons of chocolate mousse in the layers.
Because being mexican has it’s perks, like crazy good food…
Mexican moms are the best!! Staying over at my mom’s because we have a monday tradition of marathons and movies, I just put the baby to sleep because he has his own room here, so my mom asked us if we would like a snack. I replied with eh.. I’ll just chomp on some crackers, You sure you dont want sopapillas? I can make them in like 5 minutes. Win! They are amazing. It’s okay to be jealous internets.
Super Easy Sopapillas
2 Cups White Wings Prepared Flour (Tortilla Flour Mix)
1/2 Cup Warm Water
1tsp sugar
Mix all your ingredients in a large bowl until it turns into a ball. Flour your surface area, roll out dough, cut into strips (or whatever you like). Fry.
Toss in cinnamon and sugar, and drizzle with honey.
Geez this kid is cute!

Slipped on the floor and hurt my back today. Taking care of a baby while you can hardly move was quite an experience. Glad my mom picked up my little one for the weekend so I can recharge these old rusty nearly 30 batteries of mine.